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Weaver Chicken Weaver Chicken Weaver Chicken Weaver Chicken Weaver Chicken Weaver Chicken Weaver Chicken

Taste our mouthwatering chicken products that have delighted American families since 1937, and you'll find out why we're a "true-blue" family favorite.

From the first fresh chicken sold at a simple roadside stand by Victor Weaver to the delicious, time-saving frozen breaded chicken we're famous for today, our goal has always been the same: to help give your family the best in quality, taste, and convenience.

It's an achievement we're very proud of -- and a commitment we intend to honor for decades to come.

Welcome to Weaver Chicken!

Frozen Product Info

We’re sorry that some of your favorite frozen, fully-cooked Weaver® chicken products are currently not available. We’re having a temporary disruption in supply, but are diligently working to get the products you love back on the shelves quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you will continue to check your favorite retailer for our products.